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National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse (NTEC)

Transportation Alternatives Certificate of Excellence


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The Transportation Alternatives Certificate of Excellence (TACE) recognizes successful Transportation Alternatives (TA) projects that have enhanced the surface transportation system and provided benefits to communities. The TACE elevates local success stories to the national level, shares best practices, and highlights Federal, state, and local partnerships. Excellent TA projects demonstrate some or all of the following elements: use by local residents or visitors; opportunity for activities previously unavailable; transportation benefits; environmental and social benefits; and the fulfillment of a need in the community.

Projects receiving the TACE are featured on an "honor roll" on the NTAC website, and may also be included in the next edition of Enhancing America's Communities: A Guide on Transportation Alternatives. This guide showcases projects that received Transportation Alternatives funding, documents economic & community benefits, and have a clear relationship with surface transportation. This is the primary publication NTAC uses to explain the Transportation Alternatives Program and to show how TE/TA funding is being used across the nation. To date, NTAC has provided more than 7500 copies of the guide to individuals, non-profit groups, and municipalities, and we constantly look to the examples in the guide to demonstrate best practices for State DOTs, local TMAs, and their communities. Stories of successful projects bring recognition for the quality of the project and the process of community meetings, strange partnerships, and the compromises that made it happen.

Over 26,000 projects of great variety have been completed through the TE/TA program. The TACE distinguishes among ordinary and excellent projects, identifying the gold standard among Transportation Alternatives projects
. For those embarking on the transportation alternatives application process, the success stories exemplified by TACE recipients will help them understand the countless solutions that continue to make the alternatives program components so popular.

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